Why Arguing Whether There Is A God Is A Meaningless Proposition

The following question always arises in the Theist vs. Atheist conversation. “Are you saying that A God could not exist?” We need to eliminate this question from our vernacular. To add the indefinite article before God and postulating that you cannot provide evidence that A god could not exist is a meaningless endeavor. It is to chase something that the vast majority of people do NOT believe in and is, in essence, a strawman argument. Atheists should be concerned in arguing something that can be argued, such as the God of Christianity and Islam. The gods of the aforementioned religions have codified doctrine generated by their liking, and since they have this misinformation documented for all to consume, it can easily be refuted by finding the fallacies in their mythos. As Atheists, we need to stop tailgating such arguments that include the idea that we need to disprove that A god cannot exist because that is impossible. How are we to invalidate these claims when there is an infinite version of gods to attack and symbolically denude that we would spend an infinite amount of resources assaulting an image of a ghost. We need to focus our powers of the mind on more bountiful ventures, such as using our founded armamentarium to rebuke the Gods of the major religions that have the epistemological scaffolding, dismantling their foundations with the very texts they use to prop up such claims.

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