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Excerpt From The True Nature Of Human Nature

Over the years, religion has justified its existence via passages from a holy book and have stated that since the quotes listed in these writings are inspired by their God, they should be adhered to as fact.  Previous arguments in the past would involve a quote from scripture as their basis of faith and that these truths were undeniable.  These truths included that the world was flat, that the Earth was the center of the solar system or universe, that every creature on the planet was created by God and so on.  However, when science provided facts that were contrary to these truths, these principals were either stated to have never been true in the first place or were assimilated into their beliefs.  This retroactive evidentialism has continued throughout the history of religion in the face of science.  If a sentient creator compelled men to write these books via inspiration and revelation, then why is such fine-tuning of their beliefs essential?  I have heard the argument from progressive Christians in the past that the Bible, for example, was written so far back in time that you must understand the Bible in its context and that you cannot bring a modern idea into the classic religious infrastructure without violating or harming scripture.  This point of contention falls flat on its face as it places the supreme deity in a position of disenfranchisement, a creator without all of the answers.

The one concept however that almost everyone will concede to is sin.  Even the most nonchalant of believers and most non-religious people agree on sin.  It has been the most pervasive idea that has porously infiltrated society in general.  Sin is on the continuum of a crime, even if the person does not believe in divine law.  What’s the harm in the interchangeability between using sin and crime?  It seems like a trivial distinction until statements like “we are all sinful” or “we are all imperfect” permeate the world’s population.  It is not the idea that we have committed sins in the past that is radioactive.  It is the fact that we have all been born sinful that is truly toxic. 

The concept that we have all been born into sin is the doctrine of original sin, and this belief is a prerequisite for all Abrahamic faiths.  It states that newly born children are innately and automatically evil.  It is a disgusting doctrine that says we have all been born defective in our full capacities and that we need extraterrestrial guidance and forgiveness in the form of Gods love, patience and mercy in order to live life as intended.  There are many presuppositions in that statement that are incorrect, but the idea that we need Gods forgiveness is the most sinister.  This maxim is rooted in the fallacious myth of human creation.  The story of Adam and Eve is the start of this pernicious belief. 

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